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Risk Management Program

The Risk Management Program (Risk) acts as the state's property and casualty insurance manager for state agencies including institutions, boards, commissions, and statutorily authorized entities. The Risk Management function is part of the Department of Administration, and is established by statute in Idaho Code, with a description of its powers and duties in ยง 67-5773, et seq.Only Risk has the statutory authority to make claim determinations. Risk claims staff members adjust all claims for self-funded plans, and adjust claims within the retentions of commercially insured policies. In addition to handling non-litigated claims, Risk manages and directs the defense of litigation brought against the state arising from covered causes of loss.Risk Management activities do not include employee benefits or workers' compensation.Entities covered under the Risk Management Program are responsible for the timely online entry of additions, deletions and changes to their property and vehicle schedules (see RMIS instructions); payment of premiums; timely reporting of claims, and cooperation with the claims process. Each agency has an internal contact responsible for schedule entry and claims reporting.

Contact Us

If an agency has questions about coverage, procedures, or claims, contact Risk's Technical Records Specialist at (208) 332-1869 or reports of new incidents or claims should be directed to the Technical Records Specialist for initial file creation. When a claim is assigned to a claim staff person, all communication should then be directed to the person assigned.