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Industrial Special Indemnity Fund

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About the Second Injury Fund

Phone: 208.332.1836
Office: 304 N. 8th St. Rm. 130
Boise, ID 83702
Mailing Address: PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-7901

Encouraging employers to hire impaired workers by offering the employer relief from total and permanent disability liability if the impaired worker is subsequently injured and becomes totally and permanently disabled.

  • ABC's of ISIF
    • Wondering how ISIF works? Read about the process of assessing a claim's potential liability, how benefits are determined, and calculating apportionment.
  • Historical Overview
    • The Industrial Special Indemnity Fund was adopted in 1927 by the Idaho state legislature as part of the state's workers compensation system.
  • Notice of Intent to File A Workers' Compensation Complaint Against The Fund [PDF]
    • Two page PDF form notifying the fund that you intend to file a formal complaint after 60 days. This time period allows the ISIF to judicially settle the claim on a more informal basis, and to avoid or limit litigation costs.

Reports and Our Code

  • Calendar Year Financial Report
    • ISIF produces a Calendar Report yearly, relating adjudication, benefits administration, litigation cost, revenue and expenditure information for the year.
  • Idaho Code
    • Title 72, Chapters 1 through 12 of the Idaho Statutes outlines the law regarding Idaho workers' compensation.

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